Children & Youth

At Murray Family Church, we know that children are our legacy.  We offer three classes for children and youth.  In these small groups, students get hands-on learning and one-on-one attention.

Our younger class doing a lesson.Kids in Training

Ages: 4 years old through 2nd grade

Young children at MFC are growing in Christ through a variety of learning experiences.  They participate in an age-appropriate HeartShaper curriculum lesson which uses a variety of music, drama and play activities.  Bible skills are integrated throughout all the lessons to promote independent Bible use and God's Word going deep into their hearts.  This class meets at 9am on Sunday mornings.



Preteens in Training

Ages: 3rd grade through 6th grade

The Preteen Class usually starts out with a lesson using ideas from the Heartshaper Preteen Curriculum.  The Focus-In section includes an attention-grabbing activity to introduce the lesson.  That is followed by Explore His Word where students learn about the Bible through reading, drama, art, or other media and includes Bible Memory activities.  We usually take a breakfast break at this point in the lesson.  When we return to class, students learn how to apply the story or concept to their everyday lives in the Make It Real section and are then given the opportunity to commit to living out the principles in the Live It Out section.  Discipleship and hands-on activities are an integral part of our class.  This class meets at 9am on Sunday mornings.



Teens in Training 

Ages: 12 to 17 years old

Our focus for this class is encouraging these young adults to develop their own, personal faith in Jesus Christ while helping them to navigate the difficult, early teen years.  We also believe it is important for them to see the strengths and talents God has given them and guide them in beginning to discover God's purpose for their lives; which is first and foremost to glorify Him.  Video presentations, discussion and Bible reading are integrated in a casual atmosphere.  This class meets at 9am on Sunday mornings.