Other Meetings

Weekly Gatherings

Family Time is every Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm with a potluck style dinner at 6pm.  Please bring a dish and a drink to share.  Following the meal is Family Time at 7pm.  For more information go to Wednesday Family Time under Ministries.

Pray Murray consists of pastors, marketplace ministers, educators and intercessors, who join together every Wednesday at noon to pray for local, state, national, and world issues.  If you have any questions contact Butch Seargent at 270-293-1222.

Our Men meet on Friday at lunch (12:00 pm) at 411 Maple Street.  All men are welcome to join them.



Men's Meeting - Our men meet each month on the second Sunday night at 6pm.  Our men meet together for a variety of activities that encourage and challenge one another.  Contact Butch at 270-293-1222 for more information.  For more information go to Men Ministries page.

Women Gathering - Our women come together on the 4th Sunday of the each month at 411 Maple Street.  For information on date and time contact Jan Seargent at 270-227-2857.  For more information go to Women Ministries page.